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who am I?

Freitag, 20. November 2015


(„who am I?“ written by Lina Hawk; produced by Max-O-Menos and Lina Hawk; cello played by Johannes Raab)

who am i?

give me a hundred reasons to hate
give me a thousand reasons to fear
give me a million reasons to kill
but none…
…to forgive…

I got a dream
we would all be one
when I wake up from my dream

with opened arms
we would face the ones
we blame

but who am i to dream?
who am i to sing to you?
who am i, i wonder
will you join a dreamer

who am i? who am i?

i believe in freedom
while i listen to the wind
all the signs i read them
while i´m headed with no mind

but who am i to tell them:
„listen to the wind“?
who am i to show them
signs of freedom?

all i know is Love
Love can heal the hate
all i know is freedom
needs no victim

all i know is Love
Love can break the chain
Love can help forgive and
start a dream come true

it begins within you
it begins within you

within you
within you

listen to…
listen to…
…the wind… of… Love…





if music could help…

Mittwoch, 18. November 2015